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Glengoyne Whisky and Chocolate Matching Tour


Glengoyne Whisky and Chocolate Matching Tour


A Gift from Loch Lomond is pleased to offer a Whisky & Chocolate tour from Glengoyne. 

At the start of this 90 minute tour you will be welcomed with a Glengoyne dram – and end with a chance to match two of Glengoyne's whiskies with four handmade chocolates.

On the tour you will follow the journey Glengoyne's spirit makes – through mashtun and washbacks to the swan-necks of our copper stills. You’ll discover how they capture every ounce of flavour before they send the spirit to the cask. In the cool confines of a stone warehouse, you’ll see where the magic of maturation takes place. Your guide will show you how Glengoyne's whisky ages – from the difference the wood makes, to how the spirit deepens in colour over the years. After the tour, you can stroll through the distilleries lovely grounds to see a waterfall and hidden glen.

Glengoyne Distillery is located at Dumgoyne, near Killearn, just on the edge of Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park. Glengoyne is loved the world over and incredibly popular in pubs, bars and restaurants throughout Loch Lomond.

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