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Loch Lomond Rocks

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Loch Lomond Rocks create beautiful pebble art, produced on the banks of Loch Lomond, these make ideal gifts. 

Loch Lomond Rocks, is the brainchild of sisters Nina and Holly Fraser. In this video Nina is hard at work in one of the most beautiful settings in Loch Lomond! 

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Nina and Holly explain more about their inspiration for Loch Lomond Rocks

"We are blessed with a big family, sometimes we are more like best friends than siblings! In fact, the only time we ever really squabble is when it comes to Christmas our parent’s birthdays – and we have to decide who gets to buy what!

It was a special birthday for our Mum, and we were stuck with what to get her- we wanted to get her something really special and meaningful – and something that our other brothers and sisters wouldn’t be getting her!

We grew up in Balmaha and still live here, it’s a beautiful wee loch-side village on the shores of Loch Lomond, so we are lucky enough to be able to take a stroll along the beach when we want some fresh air, and to take in the amazing scenery.

We were wandering along the pebbled shore, discussing what to get Mum for her birthday, when we found a pebble shaped like a heart, it was so cute! We had spent lots of time collecting pebbles on our walks, for no real reason other than that they looked really pretty.

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Finding the heart shape pebble was one of those ‘light bulb’ moments – we had to incorporate it into Mum’s birthday present. We collected a few more interestingly shaped pebbles that day too, and they went into the jar where we kept them that sat on our windowsill in the kitchen.

We decided to try and make something unusual for Mum’s present – we emptied all the pebbles on the kitchen table and began playing around with the arrangement of them. Eventually we had them laid out as little pebble people, one of Mum, Dad and one for each of our siblings. The heart shaped pebble sat above them. We used a small piece of wood and carved the word ‘Family’ into it and fixed it into a frame, along with the pebbles.

.... And VOILÀ! Loch Lomond Rocks was born.

We couldn’t wait to give Mum her special birthday present. She was over the moon! We might have even seen a wee tear as she hung it proudly on the wall over the fireplace.

We wanted to share this joy with other’s too, so now we create gifts for you and your loved ones too. We lovingly hand make bespoke and unique pebble are pieces, and we hope that they enjoy them as much as our Mum did!"

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